“Travel movie” best movie Favorite movies that you must not miss

“Travel movie” best movie Favorite movies that you must not miss A travel for everyone Often have different goals And whether you travel to find the answers to life Traveling in search of what was missing Travel for challenges. Of course, “travel” will help you learn things. And know the world in a new way If you have tried to travel alone at least once in your life. ดูหนังออนไลน์ hd

“Travel movie”

This story the team has never watched. May not be as popular in our home But that is a matter of Griswall husbands, wives, and children they would normally have had for family vacations. (And turbulent every round)

But this year they didn’t go. But still not failing, I have a headache at my home during Christmas. (Thank you for the review from – Muen Thip) This story is counted as It’s a Christmas movie that Americans all time favorite. Complete with jokes and interesting topics

Based on real experiences of Chris McCandless (Emile Hirsch), 24 years old. He went on a journey that he had always dreamed of.

Is to go into the deep forest In the middle of the solitude in Alaska Throughout the journey He met many people. Everyone has something that is missing. But perhaps his passing May make the parts that they are missing be replenished.

Easy Rider (1969)
Synopsis of Harley’s heyday of 1969, the era where the seeker was very famous at that time .. ไป Aimlessly To find true America Along the way from California to New Orleans, Easy Rider rides the wrong formula.

THE BEACH (2000)
Richard (Leonardo DiCaprio), a young American teen. People who love to risk their lives for the ultimate adventure. That was the starting point for him to discover a paradise island in Thailand. But under the surface of a beautiful beach Back hidden danger Until soon, when the violence began to increase, the stakes of life rose.

And intoxication even more intensely The collapse came to be joined by Francois (Virgin Lido Yen), a young woman with an unexpected adventure. Which is full of fluctuation, love, lust and desire That is ready to erupt into violence Within this paradise beach.


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