Popular roof shape Choose which type to suit your home.

Popular roof shape Choose which type to suit your home.The roof is the main structural and integral component that gives the home its uniqueness. Indicates the identity of the homeowner Which in addition to having a beautiful shape Already made a difference to the house model รับออกแบบบ้าน

Different types of roofs also have different benefits depending on their properties, such as weather resistance for each area. Protection and cooling to keep the house cool, suitable for living

Today, roofs are available in a variety of designs based on the creativity of the architect And needs of homeowners Including the properties of the selected materials Which is important for every design to be considered

The aesthetics, safety and performance of the roof for maximum usability. So, before choosing a house type, let’s look at what kind of roof is suitable for any house style. And suitable for the weather in Thailand or not


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