Love movie to watch during the long holidays With your lover

Love movie to watch during the long holidays With your lover Long holiday Many people do not leave their home or plan to travel far away. Because of the unfavorable situation from the new coronavirus outbreak. We recommend inviting your lover to open a romantic love movie. ดูหนังออนไลน์ hd

Wedding Unplanned (Jour J)
Romantic – Comedy With the story of a mischievous young man who accidentally goes to the wedding planner And keeps her business card in the pocket Until one morning, the real girlfriend found that business card.

About Time
A young man who can travel back in time He chose to go back in time in search of love until he met “Mary”, a beautiful woman. And began to practice flirting with her While using this magic power to solve the chaos that happened in the past

It s Now or Never
Spanish good-natured film That comes with a lot of tears It is a matter of how the Spanish bride chose to have a wedding in London, where they first met. This work is ready to prepare items and ready to dress.

27 Dresses
“Jane”, a woman who has been married for more than 27 events as a bridesmaid. She always keeps those around him happy, but she forgot her own happiness. Until one day she met “Kevin” a young writer who never believed in the wedding. How will the story of both of them end?

A Star Is Born
A romantic-drama film, the first performance of the famous singer “Lady Gaga” tells the story of “Jack”, a young singer who was disappointed in his life and was heavily addicted to alcohol. One day, he met “Elly,” a very talented young woman. What will be the story next?


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